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Anderson's tackling MEES head on


MEES is all part of the Government's plan to reach it's energy reduction targets. MEES requires existing buildings to have work done to them by bringing up to a minimum standard. 

The first phase of this process requires any property let after April 2018 must meet the minimum EPC rating of E. Landlords should note that any statutory periodic tenancy arising after April 2018 is a new lease arising and MEES applies. In effect any 'renewals' are new leases. The consequences of not meeting the MEES requirements are far reaching.  

Landlords with properties with an EPC rating lower than E may want to discuss the MEES regulations now, so there is sufficient time to upgrade the energy efficiency required at their properties. Forward planning here should keep any property void periods to a minimum. Properties with existing tenants and tenancies have until April 2020 to meet the MEES. There are exemptions to the requirements for the band E and it will be advisable for all landlords to promptly take advice. Existing and prospective landlords can arrange a free initial consultation with our EPC surveyor to help guide them through the MEES regulations. Contact Chris Anderson today chris@onlinelettings.com to arrange a free MEES consultation