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The world's best places to live

If you're considering your options we've got a few suggestions, courtesy of HSBC's annual Expat Survey. Put out by the global banking company, the report draws insights from 27,000 expats living in 190 countries, and then ranks those countries based on factors related to economics, living experience, and family.

11. Australia

"Australia's near-perfect weather, cultural diversity, and good quality of life attract expats of all ages from around the world," writes HSBC.
The country ranked #5 for overall experience, #18 for overall economics and #20 for family considerations.
Two-thirds of expats say their quality of life has improved since moving there, compared to a global average of 52%.

10. Germany

Germany is fantastic for economic considerations, ranking #3 in that category overall, #5 in confidence about the local economy, and #1 in working opportunities.
"As well as its financial strength, the country's rich culture, natural beauty, and comprehensive social security are very appealing to expats, especially if you're looking for a welcoming environment to raise a family while you develop your career," writes HSBC.
The country ranked #27 for experience and #12 for family.

9. Bahrain

"People are drawn to Bahrain for its exciting career prospects and laid-back lifestyle," writes HSBC.
The relatively liberal Gulf country ranked #17 for economics, #6 for experience, and #9 for family.
The majority of expats in Bahrain, as with other Gulf countries, say they've been able to save more than they could in their home country.

8. Sweden

"Sweden prides itself on being environmentally friendly and balancing financial stability with the wellbeing of its people," HSBC writes.
Sweden ranks #1 for families, boosted by great childcare, healthcare, education, and quality of life.
The country is also strong on economics at #6, though weaker on experience at #31, in part because people say it's hard to make friends there.

7. Austria

"With its stunning Alpine countryside, culturally rich cities, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance, Austria is an attractive choice for expat families," HSBC writes.
The country ranks #6 for families, #7 for economics, and #16 for experience.

6. Norway

Norway ranks #4 for economics, #11 for experience, and #16 for families.
"Boundless natural beauty aside, expats are also attracted to the country's reputation as a global leader in wealth and happiness, with a long life expectancy," HSBC writes.

5. Switzerland

"Switzerland is a highly developed expat destination in the heart of Europe, with a strong economy and a reputation for excellent living standards," HSBC writes.
The country has the #1 economic prospects overall, including the highest earnings potential for expats.
It also ranks #17 in experience and #26 for families.

4. Czech Republic

A fast-rising destination, the Czech Republic ranked #2 for families, #8 for experience, and #12 for economics.
"The Czech Republic not only boasts high living standards, rich history, and stunning landscapes, but it also home to one of the world's most beautiful and cultured capital cities, cosmopolitan Prague," HSBC writes.
"Competition for jobs can be tough, but there are good opportunities for hard-working expats with the right credentials," the report adds.
3. Canada

Next door to the United States — where a lot of expats may be coming from — Canada ranks #3 for experience, #5 for families, and #10 for economics.
"Although sparsely populated and cold in winter, the second largest country in the world offers expats a warm welcome and great job opportunities, as long as you meet its strict entry requirements," HSBC notes.
An impressive 74% of expats in Canada own property. Also: 76% are integrating well with the local people, 74% feel confident about political stability, and 68% say their life is better than back home.

2. New Zealand

"A small nation of two islands, New Zealand's spectacular natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle attracts many expats in search of a more balanced way of life," HSBC notes.
The country ranks #1 for experience, #4 for families, and #15 for economics.
What might you do there? Consider starting a business, with the country ranking #2 on the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Survey and plenty of support for expat businesses.

1. Singapore

"One of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, Singapore is a multicultural hub that's worked hard to earn its place among the thriving Asian Tiger economies," HSBC writes.
The city state ranks #2 in economics, #4 in experience, #3 for families, and #1 overall.
In short, it's a great place to work, an easy place to settle, and a great place to raise a family.